Vibrant Customer Reviews


Anal fun!
"This product does exactly what it’s described as doing: it combines the fun of anal beads and a dildo. The ripple effect feels wonderful thrusting in an out and creates a similar feeling of anal beads being pulled out. Because of the size of the final “bead” and space after it, it doesn’t tend to stay in well on its own. It’s a toy designed for thrusting, not for putting in and leaving there for a while like a butt plug. If you want the fullness feeling that a butt plug or some anal beads can offer, then this probably isn’t the right toy for you. However, if you like the feeling of anal beads being pulled out or other types of thrusting or prodding, then this product is great. The smaller size is perfect for someone relatively new to anal play or for warming up for a larger toy. It also feels pretty good vaginally! I found it a little smaller than I’d like for that use, but it definitely inspired me to look at similarly textured dildos in a somewhat larger size for regular vaginal use. I highly recommend this toy!"
Becca P
Fun product
"This is a fantastic double-ended dildo that can be used by couples with many genital combinations or by an individual. It is very flexible in the middle, which can be either a positive or a negative, depending on how you (and possibly your partner) plan on using it. When using it with a partner, you can get close to your partner and into a lot of positions with it, but you will almost certainly need to use a hand or two to stabilize it. It is flexible enough to allow for folding nearly in half and using for double penetration on someone with a vulva. The shape and flexibility of the toy also allow it to be used on one person with the other end as something of a handle. One thing that should be noted is the dimensions of this toy; it is quite large, especially on one end. If neither partner wants a snug fit, this product might not be for you. Its shape and texture are subtle and allow for good stimulation without being distracting or uncomfortable. One end has a slight curve that could be useful for g spot or prostate stimulation, but obviously ymmv depending on your anatomy. Overall, this is an excellent dildo for couples or solo use, and I highly recommend it."
Cute and Fun
"I like how small this toy is. It has a bunch of different settings and is pretty strong! It takes a AAA battery, which for me is usually easy to find."
Alex K.
Worth it
"I was skeptical because of the lack of reviews, but this is absolutely worth it! It’s also super cute, which while less importantly, is a plus."
Another great toy from we-vibe!
"I love how soft the material is and how nicely it fits into my hand! There are strong vibrations that feel great and the 2 prongs are a whole new sensation that I love!! "
Alex K.
Super strong and just the right size!
"I tried the Doxy 3 after trying the original Doxy and I have to say, I'm converted. The #3 addressed everything I personally did not like about the larger version. I love the smaller head that has a little more specific vibrations, rather than the larger head of the original that I felt like vibrated my entire vulva instead of just my clitoris, or wherever I actually wanted the power to be. The only downside to the Doxy's is that they must be plugged in, but I've come to accept that if I want the power the comes with this toy, it's not going to come from a battery. Overall, I would definitely recommend!!"
Alex K.
Very happy with this purchase
"This is the first toy I've ever bought myself. Many different settings and pretty powerful. I'm really happy with this product and I would definitely buy this one again."
Julie Y.
Great stuff!
"Love the feel of it"
Brian L.
Great product!
"This is the first vibrator I ever bought for myself, and I love it! It works great for internal and external stimulation and has a wide range of vibration levels and patterns. It’s not very big (it’s part of Fun Factory’s mini vibrator line), but it’s big enough to hit my g-spot when inserted. I find that the band does change the way the vibrations travel and is perfect for stimulating the area between the vagina and clitoris. I would highly recommend this (with the caveat that anything in the rabbit style will work with some people’s anatomy better than others)."
Becca P.
So soft
"This tee is super soft and comfy, and has not shrunk or lost its shape in the wash. I love to wear it for lounging and sleeping."
Fun Product
"This necklace / vibrator is a wonderful talking piece that everyone asks about. They can't believe it is a vibrator, and most everyone I talk to wants to order one. Of course I give them I would highly recommend this in any color"
Meg M.
Feels great. Nice size. It
"Feels great. Nice size. It doesn’t “vibrate” that much."
John M.
Good buzz
"This is a very high quality product. It is easy to clean and easy to use. It does tend to need charging often but otherwise is good. It doubles as a necklace and serves as a fun statement piece. I would recommend this."
Lara S.
Perfectly pleased by product and process!
"Excellent information on website, swift shipping, perfectly pleased about the entire process and product!"
Donna f.
party favors
"annual xmas party this year will include some fun party favors to introduce my friends to Vibrant. Love the selection and the customer service."
Marcy M.
Love Love Love!
"I love all the products I've purchased through Vibrant! Great selection, awesome customer service, and the shipping was quick!"
Emily S.
Recommend to all!
"Vibrant was user friendly, easy to navigate the website, informational about all the products, expedient shipping, gives back to their customers, and safe & supportive for a sex-friendly culture. Would recommend this company to anybody!"
Jj S.
"The products are amazing and I love the values the company"
Denice V.
Easy and Informative
"The website is easy to use and has great variety. More importantly, the website is informative and welcoming which is awesome for a first time buyer."
Julia S.
As Pleasing As The Products They Sell
"The title says it all, The overall experience was fantastic and I will definitely be using them in the future!"
William M.
Silk Hybrid by Sliquid
"First lubricant to ever use. But I have to say this stuff is awesome (wink wink). Will definitely be purchasing another bottle in the future."
Isabel F.
Second time as good as the first!
"I was on vacation, and had (stupidly) left all my toys at home. I made an order and it arrived VERY quickly and discretely! Love the service, and love the new toy I splurged on!"
Bronwyn L.
"Works really well. It can get hot after a while but it usually does the trick pretty fast so it's not a problem."
Megan C.
Excellent service, prompt and amazing
"Excellent service, prompt and amazing product. Happy to support safety and planned parenthood"
Mark K.
Yes, please.
"I like all the features like syncing to music and controlling with my iphone. this has been fun to play with. I'm looking forward to learning more about what the Sync can do. I fully recommend."
Brooke D.
great experience with this company
"and happy to see you support planned parenthood, too!"
Brooke D.
Hefty and sturdy
"For the longest while, I've been a cheapass and went for the knock offs. Good news, they work. Bad news, limited lifespan. So I've had that nagging feeling about shelling out for the quality and the authenticity. So recently, I decided to abide to those thoughts and lo behold, I've made the purchase from the site (with the added bonus of knowing I'm contributing to PP; what a double win for my sexual satisfaction). The first thing I've noticed when I received the package was the weight. Like, holy cow, it'd take at least three knock-off units to match it. This is probably due to the battery, but regardless, the weight and the construction gave me the confidence that this is the beginning of a long relationship. A few months later and few recharges later, there are no leaks, hardly any signs of wear, and overall is a pretty decent massager. So let me talk about a few cons. I'll start by reiterating my first impression: the weight. After being conditioned with smaller and cheaper knock-offs, this is the first bump one needs to overcome. It's just slightly more difficult to maintain the balance, but naturally, your hands will find a way. Second con: the 20 minute timer, no abandonment play for you. Third, while not exactly a con, but something more questionable: how TSA friendly it is. The general consensus agrees that it's okay to travel with, but just be wary since it's battery operated and an internal one at that, you might run into some sticklers."
Eric L.
Great, basic vibe
"I should preface this with: I've only ever owned one other toy, and it was a very inexpensive. This toy has a vibrate that was more powerful than expected, but it's extremely pleasant! It's easy to hold on to, and easy to control. Both my husband and I find it easy to maneuver and change the settings. I also love the texture, as it's silky smooth and doesn't catch on hair/skin (it's not "sticky" at all), making it easy to use all around the body without getting lube everywhere. The only negative I have is personal to my body. It's hard, so the shape doesn't change. This doesn't work for thrusting as it catches uncomfortably. Insertion and letting it vibrate works great, but thrusting is uncomfortable. Pros: texture, vibration levels, ease of handling, ease of use, size Cons: stiffness makes thrusting uncomfortable"
Elizabeth B.
great product, great service
"I was able to host a pop-up party and learn so much about each product. It can be confusing to shop this category on your own. The staff @ Vibrant made it easy and they are super knowledgable about all of their products. Thank you for a wonderful experience."
Marcy M.
"couldn't have had a better experience."
Remy G.