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Tenga Eggs Review

There’s no sex toy on the market quite like the Tenga Egg. The outer packaging looks like...

Je Joue Ami Review

A review of the Ami by Je Joue - a premium kegel strengthening product.

Benefits of Lube

The world of lube is wide and wondrous; there are lots of different types, and each are ideal for different activities. Today, we’re going to talk a bit about many kinds of lube, and which kinds work best for what.

Toys for Couples

If you're interested in learning about how sex toys can increase your intimacy and pleasure, inject exploration and play into your sexy times, and support healthy communication with your partner, then this is the article for you.

Minna Limon Review

The Limon by Minna is a squeeze-sensitive vibrator -- meaning that the user presses down on the sides of the toy in order to increase vibration frequency. Learn more about the Limon here!

Toys for LDR (Long-Distance Relationships)

LDR’s can be slightly complicated and difficult to manage, but they also offer incredible opportunities to connect with a partner in creative ways you might not otherwise make happen! Learn more here!

We-Vibe Nova Review

Standard Innovations, the parent company of the We-Vibe and Laid toy lines, has done it again! The...

Anal Sex 101

If anal is something that you’ve been thinking about for some time and you’re finally feeling ready to give it a go, here are few pointers to help get you started so that your experience is as pleasurable and safe as it possibly can be.

Prostate Toys

If you’ve got a penis, you’ve probably also got a prostate. And if you’ve got a prostate,...