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AfterGlow Wipes Review

The AfterGlow wipes by SHE AfterCare are advertised as “cleansing tissues for sexual health.” These wipes are multipurpose; they can be used to quickly wipe down sex toys/sexual aids, or to clean and refresh the genitals. The AfterGlow wipes are disinfectant and antibacterial; they’re strong enough to cleanse sexual aids, but gentle enough to refresh and lightly cleanse sensitive skin. A pack of 20 wipes costs only $10, and they’re made in the USA.

Formulated without alcohol, parabens, perfumes, glycerin, or dyes, the AfterGlow wipes are great for sensitive skin. Additionally, they’re pH balanced so as to not upset vaginal flora, and they’re lint free. They do contain aloe, so if you’re allergic, be wary of this. Bergamot essential oils -- described as “nature’s deodorant” -- are another key ingredient.

The AfterGlow wipes are useful to freshen up from time to time. They are lightweight, small, discreet, and easy to store; they can be great to keep with your other toiletries at home, or to toss in a backpack, suitcase, purse, or gym bag. They’re marketed toward people with vulvas, but anybody with any genitalia could make use of these.

The aroma of the AfterGlow wipes is very slightly reminiscent of baby wipes, but they mostly smell like bergamot. (If you don’t know what that smells like, it’s the main ingredient in Earl Grey tea. So, they basically smell like that.) They’re definitely refreshing, soothing, and gentle on skin; the high-quality ingredients definitely prove themselves worthwhile, and make the AfterGlow wipes noticeably superior to other “feminine hygiene” wipes. Since they’re multipurpose, they’re also very economical. If you’re traveling with sex toys, these are great for wiping down toys in a hurry. They’re also fabulous for getting lube and bodily fluids off the genitals after sex, or for freshening up whenever you feel like it. These could also be very useful for folks whose vaginas produce a great deal of discharge or moisture throughout the day; that can get uncomfortable sometimes, and these wipes could provide quick relief. Again, the ingredients are great; they feel very soothing on the skin. All in all, these wipes accomplish what they promise.

A quick note on the whole “deodorant” thing before we go any further -- genitals have a natural scent. They just do. The AfterGlow wipes are perfectly lovely and refreshing. Still, if your main concern in purchasing them is to mask a smell, that’s either a medical problem (e.g. an infection of some kind that should be looked at by a healthcare professional), or a psychological problem (e.g. general insecurities about the natural, normal smell of your genitalia). Of course, we’re socially conditioned to feel insecure about our totally normal bodily smells, so there’s no shame in that game. Still, we’d just like to remind you that it’s okay for your body to smell like a body and not a bouquet of roses.

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