Minna Toys

Minna Life is a new, up-and-coming brand that we just can't get enough of! The company focuses on creating innovative toys that benefit the pelvic floor of men and women, all the while taking direction from your touch!


While all their products are great, Minna is best known for the kGoal. The renowned kegel trainer strengthens the pelvic floor by challenging the user to play games through an app on their smart phone. It also happens to be deemed the World’s Smartest Kegel Exerciser!


Other amazing products include the Ola and the Limon. The Ola features technology that reacts to your squeeze by intensifying the vibrations with added pressure. The Limon "remembers" what feels best for you, storing patterns for a more pleasurable experience every time. 

kGoal by Minna 3
$ 149.00
Ola by Minna 2
$ 149.00
Limon by Minna 1
$ 119.00