How We Choose Which Products to Sell

So you were a big fan of Sex in the City and came to Vibrant looking for the trusty ol’ rabbit? The good news is that we have really great options for you that we know will do the trick (check out Je Joue Fifi and Jimmy Jane Form 8)! The even better news is that we wouldn’t dare sell you anything like the rabbit you saw on SITC. Why is that?

For years, the sex toy industry has sold products that aren’t healthy for you. Traditionally, toys were made out of materials that deteriorate in the body, carry bacteria, and cause infections, among other issues. For example, Carrie Bradshaw’s rabbit was made out of a jelly-like material which is porous, meaning it will capture bacteria making it impossible to clean in a way that someone would be comfortable putting it back in their body without fear of infection.

Vibrant is very selective of the products we carry so that we can help ensure your health, wellness, and pleasure. When we add new products to our mix, we put them through a detailed checklist of materials and ingredients to determine whether they are acceptable for us (healthy for you) or unacceptable for us (unhealthy for you).

This means that we will never sell toys that contain:

  • Phthalates
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Vinyl (exception for c-rings)
  • Jelly rubber
  • Sil-a-gel or silicone blended with another material
  • Plasticizer
  • Parabens
  • TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Elastomer
  • Chemical/toxic/rubbery smell

or anything else we wouldn’t want you to put in your body. We have similar lists for lube, cleaners, and everything else on the site.

Our values for inclusiveness and equality dictate that we have a process to make sure that no product packaging contains anything labeled with gender, sexual, or culturally insensitive or demeaning graphics or branding. This means that Vibrant sells a limited collection of trusted manufacturers and brands to maintain our high standard of products, brand promise, and to only offer you the best.

What you see, use, and put in your body is important to us. Learn more about toy materials and safety HERE.