How We Talk About Gender

Our goal at Vibrant is to be as inclusive, open, and thoughtful as possible in the language we use. We also want you to understand what we’re talking about. The Vibrant team has had many conversations about gender, pronouns, and identifying products within our team and we have engaged our community partners to determine how we talk about gender.

We concluded one major thing. We want you to be able to shop comfortably, and know what you’re shopping for.

In order to do this, we’ve decided to label things in two ways.

The first is with our headings. Are you shopping for yourself? Then you’re shopping “For Me.” Do you want something to use with a partner or three? Then you’re shopping “For Us.” Looking for a nice gift and scented candle? Then you’re definitely looking for something “For the Vibe.”

These headings came from our recognition that toys, traditionally labeled with some version of “For Her” or “Men’s Toys” were not only non-inclusive, but didn’t actually tell you what you need to know about choosing your toys. We want you to know for what and how the toys are meant to be used (and we also know that there are many other ways to use them so let us be the first to say - go for it!).

This takes us to our second decision around the way Vibrant talks about gender. When we specify what toys are made to do, we talk about it in terms of the body. If a toy is made for a penis, we’ll call it a “Penis Toy.” This means anyone with a penis, packer, dildo, or great idea, will know that it’s available for their use. If you have a vulva or vagina, there are amazing toys for you, too, but we know you don’t need to be a woman to use them, so we’re sticking to calling them what they are (kegel strengthener, clitoral vibrator, etc.).

For these reasons, when you read our content you will see that we specify that we are talking about “people with penises” and “people with vulvas.” You may not think about your gender identity often, if ever, but you definitely know what body you have, and thus, can easily find what amazing things Vibrant has for you.

And really, if you have questions, ask us! Email us, call us, message us right down there in the bottom right corner of your screen. We’re here to help you find the best products for YOU.

If you’re interested in learning more about inclusive language, check out our glossary.