Types of Sex Toys

Types of Sex Toys | How To Make Sex Fun With Toys

Learn which sex toys do what and how they work in this simple guide! Click on the category name to learn more.

Looking to spice up your sex life? Whether you prefer solo play or want to make things interesting during intercourse, there's something here for you. Check out vibrators for optimal clitoral stimulation, cock rings and kegel strengtheners to extend pleasure during sex or self-pleasure, the dildo collection if you like to get hands-on, or a remote-controlled sex toy if you prefer going hands-free. Scroll down to browse all sex toys for couples, groups, and individuals alike!


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Vibrators come in all different shapes, sizes, vibration patterns, and colors, meaning there are moan-worthy options for all bodies and preferences.

We take vibrators very seriously here at Vibrant (they are our namesake, after all). And by seriously, we mean that we seriously believe that everyone should have a vibe that can rock their world. Here are some of the different types of vibrators:

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibes are small yet powerful vibrators. For those who know exactly what they want and where they want it, a bullet vibe can provide strong, targeted sensation. Plus, many bullet vibes can be added to other toys to double the fun!

External Vibrators

External vibrators are perfect for stimulating clits, perineums, nipples, or wherever your sweet spots may be! Find a shape that will hit perfectly on your special zones, or try a flat vibe that can pulse on any part of your body.

Internal Vibrator

Internal vibrators are designed to use inside a vagina or anus to bring you pleasure from the inside-out. Many come with different textures as well as vibration patterns. It may take some experimenting to find your perfect combination, but we’re sure you won’t mind doing the work.

G-Spot Vibe

If you’re looking to hit that g-spot that feels oh-so-good, look for a vibrator with a slight curve to it. Just like curving fingers inside the vagina in a “come hither” motion, a g-spot vibe can tickle that same spot, but with way more power than a hand. The same curve can help stimulate the prostate in anal play. Remember, anything you put in your butt should have a wide base to make sure it doesn’t get stuck inside!

Dual Stimulation Vibrators

If you deserve all the pleasure, get a dual stimulation vibrator (spoiler alert: you definitely do!). Dual stimulation vibrators are made with vulvas in mind, designed to hit the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Double the vibrations, double the fun!

Wand Vibrator

For those who don’t like to commit to a location until they’ve scoped the scene, wand vibrators are your best friend. They have a long handle and a large vibrating head, making it easy for you to cover a lot of ground during your sensation exploration.

Partner Vibrators

Vibrators are not just battery-operated partners; they’re great to use with real-life partners too! Partner vibrators can help make certain positions pleasurable for both people, or add a little spice to an old favorite move.

Smart Vibrators

Your phone and tv are both smart, so shouldn’t your vibrator be too? A little tech in a vibrator goes a long way toward your pleasure.

Vibrators are toys that stimulate your most sensitive regions through pleasurable vibrations.


While often phallic in shape, dildos come in all different colors, sizes, and shapes for whatever gets you hot. Use on your own, pair with a vibrator, or strap one into a harness; the dildo is the base for all of your sexual adventures.

A dildo is a classic sex toy, made to penetrate vaginas and anuses (or anything else you can think of).


While many vibrators can be used on bodies of all genders, penis toys are designed with penises in mind. Some penis toys come as sleeves, adding extra sensation to the stroking you may already do by yourself or with your partner.

A penis toy is designed specially to pleasure penises, from the head to the shaft.


People of all genders can experience pleasurable sensations in the anus and beyond. The rectum has sensitive nerve endings, and the feeling of extra pressure that anal toys brings also feels great, especially when paired with other sorts of play. People with penises or people who were assigned male at birth get an extra kick out of anal toys, as they stimulate the prostate to deliver mind-blowing orgasms.

If you love the butt and nothing but, try an anal toy.


By restricting blood flow from leaving the penis, rings create a pleasurable pressure sensation and make your blissful playtime last just a little longer. Rings can be worn behind the scrotum at the base of the penis, or just around the shaft.

Rings are worn by people with penises to help maintain longer lasting erections and delay orgasm.


Whether you’re getting it on by yourself or with a partner, with a hand or with a toy, lube keeps everything moving smoothly. It helps reduce friction on the delicate tissue of the penis, vulva, and/or anus, preventing unwanted irritation. Think of lube being to sex as water is to a Slip n’ Slide--it can make all the difference! 

Where do I start? 

Water-based lube is the universal lube. It’s compatible with latex barriers and silicone sex toys, making it a safe choice for most sexual play. It has a thinner consistency than silicone lube, and is sometimes stickier. Since its main ingredient is water, it’s easy to clean up afterwards.

Silicone lube is the lube to use when there is no sign of stopping all night (or day) long. It tends to be longer-lasting and thicker than water-based lube. While you won’t need to reapply a great silicone lube, it won’t be compatible with your silicone toys (think back to chemistry class - the silicone will bond together and ruin your toy!).

Hybrid lube gives you the best of both worlds. With mostly water-based ingredients and a dash of silicone, you get the less-mess benefits of a water-based lube with the long-lasting power of a silicone lube. You can use hybrid lube with latex barriers, but keep in mind it is still not suitable for your silicone toys. 

Anal Lube is crucial for any sort of butt play since the rectum doesn’t produce any lubrication of its own. Most anal lubes are thicker, adding extra padding.

Lube is the perfect slippery accessory to all of your sexual escapades.


The difference is in the shape: condoms are shaped to fit as a sleeve over penises and penis-like sex toys, while dental dams come in sheets that can cover larger surface areas, like vulvas.

Condoms and dental dams are both safer-sex barriers that block fluid transmission between partners—the same fluids that can cause pregnancy and STIs.


Ever try stopping your pee midstream? The muscle you used to do that is your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone. Exercising your PC muscle can lead to stronger orgasms. Just like doing some burpees before hitting the treadmill to warm-up, do some kegel exercises before jumping in the sack!

Where do I start?

Everyone, regardless of gender, has PC muscles. This means there are kegel strengtheners for every body. Right now Vibrant offers kegel strengtheners for people with vulvas, but stay tuned for penis-friendly workout toys in our store soon!

A kegel strengthener is a wearable device, usually weighted, that helps you exercise the muscles in your pelvic floor through stimulation and resistance.

With a pocket on the crotch, usually shaped as an “O-ring,” harnesses are designed to hold a dildo in place while you bump n’ grind. Go hands-free from your favorite toys and let your bodies do the talking.

Harnesses are made to help you wear dildos and other sex toys.


Many transgender men wear packers as an important part of their gender expression. Packers can also be used for role play and drag performance by people of all genders and sexualities.

Packers are phallic objects worn under clothes to give the appearance and feeling of a penis bulge.


Getting up to clean your toys can cut into your post-orgasm time. Whether you like to pass out, cuddle up with your partner, or grab a pint of ice cream to eat in bed afterwards (hey, we’re a judgment-free zone here at Vibrant!) - get there quicker and keep toy cleaner handy on your nightstand. Spritz, wipe, then back to the snacks and snuggles. Check out Care and Cleaning for more cleaning info.

Having sex isn’t “dirty” in terms of being “wrong.” However, it does involve a lot of bodily fluids that could be “dirty” as in needing to “go wash your hands.”