The Vibe Tribe Pilot Program

The Vibrant Vibe Tribe


The Vibrant Vibe Tribe is a group of people across the world who LOVE Vibrant and Planned Parenthood and want more ways to support both! More commonly known as ambassadors, the Vibe Tribe is comprised of women, men, and gender-non-conforming folks who want to spread the word about Vibrant, contribute to our website, and get involved with the great stuff we have going on! You can sign up here at any time!

Here's what you need to know!


What is the 'Vibe Tribe'?

The Vibe Tribe is a group of Vibrant ambassadors who want to help Vibrant by doing any of the following:

  • Talk about Vibrant on your social media channels 
  • Tell your friends about the great stuff going on at Vibrant
  • Host a pop-up shop in your town
  • Write a blog post
  • Take photos of products we sell or packages you have received from us
  • Have the opportunity to give feedback and your opinion on products *before* they go live to the public
  • Host a giveaway for your followers/friends (with gifts from us!)


Let's talk perks!

 In exchange for being a part of the Vibe Tribe, you get:

  • A *free* welcome kit including a fun toy/lube, a #VibeTribe t-shirt (that you get to help design!!), Vibrant merch (such as stickers, information sheets, coupons to distribute, etc), fun facts/little-known information about Vibrant, and more cool stuff!
  • Show it off - get a Vibe Tribe badge that you can put on your website or social platforms to show you're in the club!
  • Be featured! - We will feature great ideas you have, content you write, pictures you take, experiences you have, etc through our email and social media channels! (with your permission, of course!)
  • Communicate with us directly - you are effectively becoming a Vibrant VIP! We want to know what you think when you think it! You will have a direct line of communication with us so you can communicate to your heart's content!


How do I become part of the Vibe Tribe?

Ready to be a member of the Vibe Tribe??


Is this an affiliate program?

This is not our affiliate program - however, if you are currently in our affiliate program and want to be a part of the Vibe Tribe, you can do both!