Why buy from Vibrant?

There are two main factors that make Vibrant different.

  1. Vibrant only sells toys and products that are safe for the body. We will not carry anything that contains harmful toxins, materials, or ingredients. When shopping at Vibrant, be assured that we had your body and your health in mind when hand-picking safe products. Learn more by reading How We Choose Products.
  1. We believe education is an integral component to sexual health. We aim to educate our customers and site visitors so that they may have the happiest and healthiest sex lives possible. We have the Vibrant blog to educate customers about products, sexual health information and resources, and one of our Vibrant concierges can answer any questions you have to make sure you are informed and educated about your purchase, products, and health.
If those reasons aren’t enough, shop at Vibrant because our products will make you feel good! We hope to provide pleasure to everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, and a Vibrant concierge is just waiting to help you find the best toy for you!