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Crave that feeling of fullness? Reach new heights in anal pleasure with nJoy’s Pure Plug. This shiny butt plug is made with nJoy’s signature stainless steel, adding extra weight and elevating the feeling of being filled. The extra smooth surface makes for easy insertion. Pure Plug is also great for temperature play; try heating it up or cooling it down for a whole new sensation. Pure... [Read More]
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United States

Njoy Pure Plug - Large

Njoy really goes all out with their product (which for the price is almost expected). I have the large pure plug and it is hands down my favorite toy. Even though it's a "large" plug, it's not huge, only 1.5" in diameter. I have a small implicit creations core plug that's 1.6" in diameter. The pure plug doesn't nessesarily give that full stuffed feeling like the core plug or even say a dildo give, but it stays put really well and the weight is it's own sensation. It's 300 grams or 0.7 pounds, and you can feel that tug with every step! Going up and down stairs is quite the sensation and always reminds me that it's there. The handle on the pure plug could be a little rounder along the edges, but after a few days I got used to the hard material against my skin and I haven't been uncomfortable in it, even when going 7 hours or more with it in. I was originally worried that maybe the handle could slip inside, but after using it and checking everything, theres no way it could go all the way in unless you have a really loose asshole. Since it is metal, temperature play is really fun. Getting it warm on a chilly winter's night or running it under cold water for a couple minutes before inserting it is a whole experience in itself. It also heats up to body temp so it's really warm after taking it out. Overall I love my pure plug, it has become my favorite toy that I use almost daily. I highly recommend it!

Anonymous verified customer review of Pure PlugAnonymous verified customer review of Pure Plug
Ming H.

Its...pretty good.

I'm going to preface this with me buying this at the same time as the Tantus Ryder. In general, this pure plug is very comfortable and is good to wear and walk around in. Its heavy and you know that the weight is definitely there. That being said, unlike the Ryder and some of the taller toys I've got its a bit less filling. It just sort of sits around at your bottom letting you know its there. That being said I haven't used it while getting it on so I can't speak to that...

Jennifer K.


Well weighted. Secure. I like the slim base.

Rachel M.

You'll surely eNjoy it

With a bulbous head and long thin neck/handle, it sits well for longer term wear. I wore it for 3 or 4 hours the first time and the only issue I found was that it really doesn't need much lube. I was a little concerned about its security, but I had over-lubed for such a slick surface. One thing to note in conjunction with the lube issue and the feeling of slipping is that it is heavier than most other plugs (I got the large). The weight is a nice reminder of its presence, though, and makes walking around enjoyable. The shape is nice and is a slightly more intense penetration than something with a more tapered head. The steel warms quickly to body heat and produces a nice sensation as it warms up, but I imagine you could experiment with running it under cold/warm water for a bit of temperature play (although it would probably equilibrate fairly quickly). My one area of disappointment was with partnered sex. Given the size and hardness, my partner found it very uncomfortable (after trying a few different hand positions) and ended up with bruises (this was fisting, however, so it may be more comfortable with a few fingers or a penis - YMMV). Overall, a lot of fun and very comfortable. Would recommend but more as a solo toy, at least for my purposes.